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Thanks for Giving

Well Halloween weekend came and went.  Now we are into Christmas season.  This also signifies the end of the school term.   With a couple projects needing to be finished I am both stoked and a little rushed.  

What's in the works?
Well for beginners I have a video project that has already started.  Its focus is on my good friend Trevor Oosterhof, whom I met working at Jacks.  The idea is open for change but he is a pretty awesome dude.  Loves the arts; listening to and playing music, shaping and surfing, along with the other things that go around that.  I can not wait to finish this piece up from what I have filmed its looking good I believe.  It is composed of surfing, lifestyle, shaping,  and possibly some good home grown Jams.

Studio Project 
The idea is there now I just need to create 


Lately I have been listening to this while drawing on ideas 
its good
It is really good.

Everyone is a math person, especially photographers.
— Brandon Clay

Just think about it.  It makes a lot of sense.  The way light falls on a subject is directly related to distance, angle, and power.  

It is exactly the Inverse Square Law

Thanks Clay

Thanks Clay

Got some cool things coming up I will post about them soon.

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