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It has been too long since one of these has been put up and this one is going to be short and sweet.   School has been really busy.  Surfing has been the only thing I have had time for which in reality has been cut to a minimal as well.  

This upcoming weekend I am going up to Big Sur to camp with some friends. It is going to be a nice mellow get away for a couple days.  Going to be able to relax surf and shoot some photos.  I am also going to make a photo essay about the small trip.  There is supposed to be some waves up there so it should be fun as well as hiking and camping.   

In terms of whats coming up on here......

IN the next few weeks there will be 

A photo essay of this weekends Big Sur trip.

The People of Iguana Post with simple portraits of people I met in Nicaragua

and hopefully some more relevant posts.

In the coming months I will be going to Portugal for three weeks to shoot and surf.  That is pretty far out right now but it is looking like it is going to be a really good trip.

Quick little update see you guys soon.

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