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Finals Over Summer Begins

Finished my last final on Wednesday night.  That marked the beginning of summer.  This year though my summer is going to be unconventional.  But that does not mean it will not be as eventful.  This summer I have been offered to take on a momentous and life changing experience.  And it all starts tomorrow night when my flight takes off.   I will be living in Nicaragua for the entire summer.  I accepted and intern-ship opportunity that I had been pushing for, for some time, with Nicaragua Surf Report.  That is where the picture above comes into this story.  I am going to be working as a surf photographer and be shooting photos for NSR along with any other help they need.  The company has set up some tasks for me to accomplish and I am excited to start helping them out.  They have laid out a life changing and remarkable opportunity for me.  Above are the boards I will be taking down there to occupy my free time.  From left to right: 5'6 handshape quad; 5'8 F4 stretch; 5'11 handshape quad; 6'5 handshape single fin.  Although, I am sure that during my time down there I will have the opportunity to get the best waves of my life, I am extremely determined to serve my duties and come away with an extensive portfolio of the highest quality. Keep up to date with my posts as I will be posting my adventures as often as I can.  Check out the soon to be gallery(Nicaragua) on the main site as well as the blog for videos and miscellaneous photos.  As always comment and share.  

Trying to explain color to a blind person and trying to explain surfing to someone whose never surfed are very similar
— Dave Rastovich
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