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Nicaragua The First Days

I made it to Nicaragua!  I am living in the Tola region on a golf course with a pool and a short walk to world class surf.  I arrived in Managua on the 17th at around 11am Nica Time(10am Pacific time) and was picked up from the airport by my host Carl, who works for NSR and manages the internship program. To get to Tola from Managua is about a two hour drive that weaves through the country and passes through the few main cities Nicaragua has to offer.  Below is an a shot of the town of Rivas.  In Rivas bike taxis, as pictured, are extremely popular.  Also, throughout the entire country motos are a popular form of transportation.  From what I have seen the country is a truly amazing place.  A gallery for nicaragua should be up soon on the main page as well as a gallery specific to the portraits of people I meet.  

Rivas Taxi Rides.

One last photo for today a shot of the sunset above the cliff at the northern end of the cove.  

The sun setting after a long day of flawless surf. 

The sun setting after a long day of flawless surf.