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Its Friday.

Surf Check.

Surf Check.

Today might be the first day I don't surf.  The wave looks a little weird because of the onshore winds last night and the expected onshores soon.  The next five days are suppose to be onshore which is a bummer but it might be time for some fishing instead.   

Although... this week has been a great week for waves.  Countless barrels and not too crowded with a bunch of friends in the lineup.  Check below for photos.

Hacienda Iguana Beach Club and Bar.

Hacienda Iguana Beach Club and Bar.

Happy Hour at the beach club you are bound to see everyone you know.  Its a great place to wait out the tides whether in the pool or at the bar or at Pili's Mediterranean restuarant(located behind the frame of the picture).  Stoked with what I am doing.  This is an amazing place with a great people.  Everyone knows everyone here and its a family atmosphere running the guests that come through the rentals.  

 Here is a couple shots of me from my friend Roberto and one from Nica365.

Did I mention I broke my board!! Still a great week these were only the ones actually captured. It has been about shoulder to head high or bigger on sets all week.

One last thing.  The shop is up and running so if you would like one hit the order button and I will fill the order asap.  I offer photo prints, canvas prints, and downloads.  There is only a couple photos available for sale right now but more will be added soon.  Also if you wish to purchase one that is not currently in the shop just contact me, info in the sidebar.  Until Next time have a great one.

One last little sequence I shot two days ago.

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