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Teaching, Waves, and the Weeks to Come.

In the last week I have gotten the wave of my life. Not once but multiple times.  But I diverge from that.  I have been having the time of my life while I am not working.  Some things that I would never imagine doing or people I would never really think of spending time with, I have done.  

This last swell was good, really good.  Some double overhead barrels.  Barrels spitting.  And the Ultimate VISIONS.

Top Left is my buddy JJ getting a sick one.  On this day we surfed for a couple hours then got out of the water only to paddle right back out because it started to turn on.  I paddled out got a sick barrel that spit me out and went straight in.  Turned around and JJ was on a bomb so I ran to the house grabbed my camera and shot this photo his next wave.  I met JJ through a mutual friend of my brothers.  He is down here for another two weeks with another new friend of mine Zack.  On my off time we have been having a blast trading tubes and splitting peaks.  The other are just a couple photos for the viewing check the Nica page for larger versions.

Below is a video of the waves for a short hour on the morning of June 2nd.  The middle part of the video is JJ with three sick ones.

Today I went with JJ and Zack to the Local school and helped teach English to the local Nica Kids.  It was a really great experience and one I will definitely remember.  We were pleased to be invited back and we will be helping teach english Monday(Lunes)-Thursday(Jueves)  for the next two weeks.  It was honestly so much fun.  These kids are so stoked on learning and having a higher determination than most kids I have talked to in the states.  Education is a luxury and should not be thought of as such a mundane exercise.  I can not wait to go back. 

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