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Went to a Place Called Rivas

Welcome to the Vibrant City of Rivas, Nicaragua a place most people pass through but a place with great culture cheap beer and great local food.  We as in the Three Amigos below.....

Photo Jul 23, 10 41 03 AM.jpg

.... Simon, Fernando, and I on a single moto en route to the bus stop to start the day in Rivas.  Normally only a 30 minute drive the bus took about an hour with all the stops and picking people up anywhere on the road.  The bus system here is actually really efficient for $1 we caught the bus in Iguana and it dropped us off in the middle of Rivas.  I do not have many photos from that day at the moment.  I say at the moment because I do have a lot of photos three rolls actually.  It will get developed when I get back to California.  Rivas is a really interesting place to spend a day.  Once we got there it was all on foot for the rest of the day and was it an experience.  

The boys at a Random bar in Rivas

The boys at a Random bar in Rivas

Right when we got there we went straight for a nice cold one not at the place pictured above.  It was hot.  Rivas is always typically warmer than Iguana because of the slight amount of temperature control the ocean provides.  Though, saying that, it is always warm here.  The temp is nearly always in the mid 80s but you get used to it and it feels normal now.  I know when I get back home I am going to be wearing a jacket or something for a little while when the temp gets down to the mid-high 60s.  Never thought that day would come....

Anyway back to our Rivas adventure. 

Outdoor Market

Outdoor Market

We did not have anything planned except the idea of possibly picking up some groceries.  The first place we stopped was this incredible restaurant.  It was essentially a nica style version of panda express. With one major exception... multiple main items and multiple sides and a drink for a solid five dollars.  

The funniest part of the whole day was walking around the open air market where they sell veges, fruit, and other things.  Everyone was staring at us because we were white and my blonde hair.  We were literally one of a kind in the open air market that day.  I hope to go back there though because there was a lot of cool things that I could grab for back home.

Back to the picture above, the guy with the tattoo is an Italian guy living in Costa Rica.  We met him at this one restaurant bar place near the outskirts of town.  Really rad guy.  He was travelling alone on a Visa run.  We ended up talking with him for a couple hours then he cruised with us around town for a while.  People in other country's tend to be so much nicer and better people.  People get it here. Back home people do not.  Most people just are too concentrated on the little things in life that don't matter.  There are some people here, really only the non natives of the country ie the travellers, that are still consumed by the world consuming culture.  This is a major thing I will miss when I go back to the States.  

This whole post is kinda of back and forth and upside down. I apologize for that and hope it is still enjoyable.  It was supposed to be down a couple nights ago but things happen.  I am clearly stuck on Nicatime right now.  Before we left Rivas we stopped by the MaxiPali and grabbed some groceries for a good dinner.  Above is post grub relaxations.  Fernando works as a Chef at the beach club and cooked up a mean bolognese.  Set the outside table.  And ate the rest of the night away. Well that is the end of this one another one shall come soon enough. I have been really enjoying my work experience lately too the people I work with on daily basis are great.  The end.  

One last thing the boys Josh and Tyler are coming and staying in Gigante, possibly over here if I can work something out, nezxt week and they are going to score. It is supposed to be pumping the entire time they are here the smallest day 4-5 feet yew!! Bring the step ups boys.