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Independence Day Weekend

As an American I celebrate the fourth of July.  Even if I am in Nicaragua!  Today I am going to start off by talking about fourth of July then go back over the last week because I was up to a lot of thing I think.  Or at least I have a bunch of stuff to post.  Either way this will be well worth your time!  July 4th started off with a swell, a huge swell starting to fill in the night before and in the morning it was easily 10 foot faces.  There was a lot of hype for this swell after hearing about the Pico Alto contest going off! Congrats Makua.  Once the tide started to drop in the morning Don Simon and I grabbed our boards and paddled out.  It was nice to be able to ride my 5'11 step up quad again as I love the way it feels it is just too much board and too fast for smaller days.  Below is the only photo I found of my from this swell not great quality and this was not the best wave I got that morning.  But sometimes doggie doors are fun and most of the time you never get a shot anyway even if there is 20 photogs on the beach.

Hand drag from the start.

Hand drag from the start.

Oh I almost forgot about that very first Image.  I did not have time to surf yesterday.  That does not matter though to me.  I got to be on a boat in the channel of Popoyo Outer Reef to shoot and film.  Let me say first hand being in the channel on a big day at a reef like this is Incredible.  If you ever have the opportunity you better go.  Seriously skip one day of getting barrelled to watch people pitch themselves over 20 foot shelves.  One day I hope to surf this reef or tow it.  It was incredible to see the lines people drew and you can see for yourself in the video way down below!

Check the Nicaragua Section of my site for a whole section of Outer Reef!

Now lets turn back the time a little bit. I have been up to quite a few things.  I am going to start with riding the moto.  Motos need gas and there is no such thing as a gas station here.

Welcome to the Gas Station.  Pay with cash and fill up from a litre water bottle for accurate measuring.   I was going to elaborate on this but at the moment while I am sitting at this computer typing hoping the internet does not go out there is an Iguana employee appreciation party happening.  I usually listen to music while writing but I am being serenaded by Nica Mariachi music. I am extremely content with this.  

Right now I am going to take a break even though you would have never known if I had left or not I am going to go check the surf and see what the happenings are down at the beach club.  Then we will discuss the world cup.  

Well the waves are good and big so that is all for now look back later tonight for another post.

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