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Settling Back in.

It has been a while and I am sorry for the delay.  I thought I would have time to write another post before I left Nicaragua but I was so busy.  Not really I just did not have much time to sit and write because I was enjoying my last days in paradise.  

Now though I am back to busy America the land of too many stressed people that have not a lot to actually do but work and complain.  Not really though it is great to be back.  


Before I talk about the experience of transitioning back to the business of America, I am going to catch up on the last few weeks.



A couple weeks before the end of the Nicaraguan lifestyle we went fishing.  We went with Willy and we had a blast.  His dad runs fishing charters and is an awesome and happy guy.  Simon, Sam, Miles and I got up around six thirty in the morning then hopped on the motos over to Gigante where Willy and his family live.  The panga was already on the beach ready for us to push into the water and start the morning fishing adventure.  An ice chest full of Tona, A couple fishing poles,  and plenty of time to troll the waters.   We were off motoring about a kilometer and a half offshore setting the lines and talking shop.  After about 30 minutes you hear the cracks and pops of Tona cans... laughter and jokes about the possibility of not getting a single bite.  All of a sudden the load buzz of the reel erupts.  Willy who was also fishing with us, an experienced fisherman, hollers over at all of us "whose first!" All of us erupt with Miles' name, he was the closest to the reel anyway.  This was the start to our two hour onslaught of black tuna.  

We ended up catching 14 black Tuna.  When we got home we cooked up a nice early morning Lunch, black tuna was part of the lunch of course.

Couple More Pictures just to view.  This is a short post but I will have another one up soon.  Besides this fishing trip we went to San Juan one last time and TonyZ dawned us out with Flor de Cana bottle service at everyone's favourite Nica bar Iguana Bar.  It was a truly amazing experience being in Nicaragua and I cannot wait to get back there.   Now that I have my film back that I shot while there I will have a lot more pictures uploaded to the lifestyle and Travel sections of my site along with a project coming out soon of all the portraits of people I met that lived in Iguana.  This trip was life changing and made me realize how overly busy and rushed people are in America.  Even in terms of surfing which should be a mellow enjoyable activity is taken to the extreme in this country.  

There once was a man who became unstuck in the world, he took the wind for a map, the sky for a clock, and set off with no destination. he was never lost
— Ando

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