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The Germans

Ok.  Part three is the last part if you were wondering how long this tale is going to be stretched out upon.  

The Germans you ask well we had Toby the entire time but he doesn't count.  
Lenny, Eggy, Leon

Those three are the Germans I am referring to.  They know Sam and Simon.  Well I knew Lenny already because I met him in Nicaragua.  In fact he is featured in the watershot section of the Nicaragua Page.  Getting stuck in the lip of a wave.  But he also is in the black n white portrait section. Both can be viewed HERE.  Anyway, unfortunately Lenny was hurt and could not surf in Portugal but he cruised with his two friends on a strike mission from Germany with one days notice for the incoming swell.  It was looking perfect conditions for Supertubos and even possibly Ericeira.  Skip ahead we scored.  Couple perfect days at Supertubos.  One of which I got completely cleaned up and snapped a leash.  Which was not at all ideal, specially having to swim in after being in the water for around four hours.  The next day in Ericeira, which is a world surf sanctuary meaning that nothing can be done to the coastline that can in anyway affect the waves. Yes that means no buildings on the coast or anything that has the slightest chance to change the conditions of these waves.  Which is incredible, specially for this place which has at least three world class waves within this single coastal province.  

Once again a huge thanks to Lenny for snapping some shots of the boys.  It was great to kick it with him again after the times we had in Nicaragua....swoop.  Great company and good calls on the waves from forecaster Lenny knowing exactly where to go.   The photo way above is a Shot from the Windsurf Cafe patio having a couple Sagres after we had all surfed Carcavelos for hours on end.  The next week after the Germans left was shenanigans most importantly the USA team winning all the American drinking games.  Good work to the partner Sam.  

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Coming soon is a Medical Mission to Guatemala.
This is with my international journalism course at CSUF. We will be reporting on a clinic in Chocola, Guatemala.  Following the trip we will be having a showing at the Universities Comm Week in April. More infro and details will come soon.

Photo exhibit at an art show in Santa Cruz.  I will be selling prints there. Showing mostly surf and travel most likely.

Starting my study abroad in Valencia Spain.


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