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Welcome Back World and Hello Spain



Sitting in a house in Valencia realizing I have been gone a while.  Not from home because I just left there, thanks mom and dad for supporting my extremely vivacious need to travel, but from my website and blog.  Hopefully all my readers, friends, and foes alike can follow me through my extensive travels over the next few months.  

Where am I,  
Well today is monday and since I have been in Spain for almost a week we should really start out at what other trouble I have been doing before I got to Valencia for my month long photography study abroad.


So after I exit my last plane into the Barcelona airport; dragging a surfboard bag, with my back pack, and a small duffel bag I accidentally cut the taxi line where these two vatos were also making the mistake of cutting the line.  We all get yelled at and they ask where I am from actually they just asked if I was from California.  Very good assumption.  On the left Esteban from Tijuana and the right Collin from San Diego.  They are back packing and do not have a hostel yet.  I need to get to this one hostel I already booked.  Perfect. And we are off to 3 of the most non-stop nights one could have in a city we have never been to.  Check in the hostel at 00:30 out on the barce streets a tuesday night 30 mins later. 

Met the bartender at the first Irish pub, no she was not irish. Aitana , the local knowledge we will use for night three.  Done with the night at an early 3:30 we go home.   

The first full day I went and hung out with my friend Ivan, you can learn about him here <----
Great time at the beach having a couple beers.


Back to the hostel just in time to take a quick shower and the three amigos were off to the night again. MOOG was the place found by accident talking to a guy on the  street who had free tickets to enter.  We arrive at 1:30 the place is empty a few people on the dance floor but nothing too special
the Music straight from the days of the MOOG synthesizer was created.
Around 3 the place was to capacity going crazy and super fun.  Arrive back at 5/6 am.

Last night was just as crazy the local knowledge showed us to this rad shots only bar with the most shots to choose from I have ever seen.  The list behind us up top are the names of all the shots you can order.  From there the Club a rock club til 6 am the rest is history.  These two made an epic time possible.  Safe travels for them as they continue to back pack down to morroco and thank you you legends!

Valencia Main Square

Valencia Main Square

Now it is 22:00 in Valencia thats 10 pm and dinner is about to be served.
Yes the wine is great, so is the cheese and bread.  And I have some of the sickest roommates and amazing house mother is epic. Her name is Macarena she likes us to have a lot of fun. Suggesting what clubs we should go to! Love her already.  More about her and the roomies soon.  Valencia section will be up in the travel section ASAP.  

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