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The Barcelona Pt 2

So schools out forever as Alice Cooper said and it has been for a week.  Now I am on the real journey getting lost in Europe finding new places to love and friendships.  Barcelona has been as wild as any place could ever be from the great beaches to the clubs to the explorations.  The first night we went out we ending up staying up all night and skinny dipping in the Mediterranean after an take over of the club Magic an extremely fun rock club that played nearly every 80s rock song you could imagine.  That led into the great idea to go to the beach and spend the rest of our evening there.  Quick dip in the ocean a nice warm temperature, then hanging on the beach until sunrise with a group of new friends. Well not completely new but a couple days old.  
It is amazing how quick you can become comfortable and appreciate peoples company.
The crew, which can be seen in the Europe Connect page was Fionn, Florencia, Yannick, Camila, Aitana, and Me.  Also there Roommate Manuel but he was not a part of the initial shenanigans.

Camila Painting at night.

Camila Painting at night.

I am extremely grateful for letting them stay on the couch for these couple days. It was really great to be around more arty types for a little while.  All these people are extremely creative and have great minds. One day Camila showed us a great cuban resturant near sagrada familia and after we went and walked around the church.  Designed by the world famous Gaudi it is a very interesting building extremely over complicated and strange.  I am not sure there is a focus.  Honestly it almost seems like a joke that the plan was accepted.  The place was started in 1883 is still not finished.  The prospective date is 2026 but I do not see that happening considering how much work is left. 

For now that is all more pictures up soon and the artwork my new friends did.



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