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One of the old gates to the ancient city of Valencia.  It was traded possession many times in history through war.

One of the old gates to the ancient city of Valencia.  It was traded possession many times in history through war.

As I sit in the bus on the way to Barcelona i realize the journey ahead. I am travelling the world this is just the start, Europe. The most important detail about this adventure is it is not your cliché Europe trip, white american/s with a couple friends but most likely their selfie addicted gf going on a month vacation to anywhere between 6-10 countries and spending anywhere from 3-4 days most likely less in any one place. The tourist vacation to see how many monuments they can take their picture in front of and hopefully one up Becky who went last your but she didn't get that one castle you stood in front of! How are the locals, the off the beaten path restaurants, the cool corner bars, how about all the places that don't have a Tripadvisor sticker in their front window.  These are the things I want to see! I want to get lost and find new friends.  Sure in passing I will see that monument but as a photographer I want the picture of the people who dedicate there life to putting on a facade for the tourists.  I want to meet the bar maid or bartender who is willing to show me the country not the materialistic pleasures of american culture.
That being said connections are something essential to be made and ones not just in the country but the European people in other countries. In Valencia I met two Germans who in a couple months I will be attending the first weekend of Oktoberfest in Munich. I even get to borrow a pair of lederhosen!

In Ireland I hope to visit the rural areas beyond Dublin.  The prairies over looking immensely vast landscapes.  Hopefully meet someone who knows about surfing and be able to go shoot photos of massive Slabs or gut wrenching reefs. I will not be bringing my surfboards to Ireland as I will leave them in Portugal with some friends as it is not worth it with the logistics of where I am traveling. But if there are waves in Ireland that are not like massive Mullaghmore(watch video) I will see if I can borrow a suit and board.
To not get so far ahead of my self I will be in Barcelona for five days before I head to one of my favourite places I have been Portugal. If there's waves you can be certain I will be surfing. Though if the forecast doesn't look to great for a week I hope to head up north to Porto and explore the vineyards or even go to the Douro wine region which is world renown.
All of my plans are tentative but I do hope to make some of them happen.

Two things to check out Bullfighting with captions HERE  and the Europe Connections is updated with plenty of new faces and captions still filling in.

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